northern va magician performing magic trick for children at a magic show for kids
northern va magician performing magic trick for children at a magic show for kids

Magic Show expert

Northern VA Magician Zain

"Jack of all charades,

master of fun"

magician in tuxedo holding black and white cane Zain age 16 Northern VA magician performing magic trick for children Zain on stage performing - age 16

Born to be a magician 

There is no greater joy that I know of than making kids laugh and wonder at all the magic in our world. For over a decade, I have been at the very top of the game when it comes to  kid's magic shows, not so much because of a lifetime of skill and experience, but because I truly love the art of magic. 


NORTHERN VA MAGICIAN                                            

Zain the popular Northern VA magician has dedicated his life to the advancement and study of the magical arts. Starting his journey at the age of six, and putting on shows for his school, he has since studied under some of the most prestigious performers in all of magic. Many years as a busker (street performer) in New Orleans & New York City, to impressive clients among five star hotels and corporate giants, he has performed at the highest level within his art. He also has performed for charity organizations, trade shows, expos, and fundraising events from coast to coast. Zain's high impact magic is simply astonishing and is suited for all ages. With his authentic artistry, he leaves the audience breathless. A world class champion illusionist and mentalist, incorporating custom messaging and interaction, he has the right magic show for you. Zain is our exclusive Northern VA magician who will take you on a journey through other dimensions with his unique blend of close-up magic, and large venue show production. With custom tailoring for any theme, they will be talking about your event for years to come!







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Magic of Zain Northern Virginia Magician
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